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Jim’s was visiting his mother last winter and walked into a very cold home in northern Wisconsin.  His mother had turned off the furnace by mistake and the indoor temperature was 50 degrees.  He was shocked that his mother was not even complaining about the cold.

Martha came home one day after work and discovered the bathtub overflowing. Her husband had planned on taking a bath but instead, got distracted by a phone call and then went into the garden to work, with the tub water still running.

One morning, Verone was cooking eggs for breakfast but instead of standing by and watching the food as she cooked, she sat at the kitchen table and fall asleep. Her husband came running into the kitchen after smelling smoke upstairs.

If you have experienced any of the above or are worried that you might in the near future, consider getting auto turn off devices that can stop these situations from ever occurring.

Heat, water, and cooking appliances. For example, you can install devices that can detect extreme changes in room temperature and send you an alert if the home is too hot or too cold. Or devices that automatically turn the stove or faucets off when the person forgets. And you can also get affordable rangehood fire extinguishers that automatically dispense if there’s a stove top fire.

Click here to learn more and view a 3-D home rendering of these devices (and other smart house devices).

I'm an interior designer, gerontologist, author, blogger, and most importantly, a former caregiver to my mother, Arlene, who had Alzheimer's disease.
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5 Responses to Monitoring Systems – Household

  1. Lily says:

    Wow, it is interesting to read that other people have had similar situations. When you go thru something like this you, you feel all alone. Happy to have you as a resource, Rosemary.

  2. Maria says:

    My Uncle Jerry was constantly leaving the water running. It overflowed once and other times it just continued to run for days until he had visitors who noticed it running. Since we “pay” for water, the water bill was much higher. What device turns off the water faucet. I would be definitely interested in investigating further.

    • Rosemary says:


      There are timed faucets for the sink that only flow for several seconds (up to twenty). I prefer this type over electronic sensor faucets as most older people have used timed faucets at airports and other public spaces and they are more familiar with how they work. Do an Internet search using the term “timed faucets” or go to your local home store to get more product information.

      Hope this helps,

  3. Dina says:

    Omg, my Mom did the same exact thing. The house was freezing when I came to visit. I don’t know how she survived! I love your suggestion about a device that sends an alert about the temps being too high or too low. Do you arrange this with the Utility Company?

  4. Vincenzo says:

    My wife’s uncle has moved in with us. He constantly leaves the room when boiling water and it boils out and creates a billowing black smoke with a foul smell. Thank goodness, we have been home for these events. But I am afraid that one day we won’t be. I am going to look into the range hood fire extinguisher since it sounds affordable.

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