We’ve arranged information in the caring blog on Alzheimer’s disease in a way we hope you’ll find easy to use.  Below we discuss  early-stage in a general way, with links to tips and tools in This Caring Home and to other organizations. On the right, you’ll find the Blog Categories list for blogs on specific issues.

Learning To Navigate Uncharted Waters

A person with Alzheimer’s will change over time, and understanding these changes can help you plan ahead. Each person’s and family’s situation is unique, but having good information can help you be ready for the challenges each stage may bring.

Some signs of early-stage Alzheimer’s:

  • Finding it hard to remember things, like doctor’s appointments or taking medications
  • Asking the same questions over and over
  • Having trouble paying bills or solving simple math problems
  • Losing things or putting them in odd places
  • Taking longer than before to accomplish normal daily tasks
  • Getting easily upset over minor issues
  • Showing poor judgment and bad decision making

Many people with early-stage Alzheimer’s can live and function independently but may need your support with cues and reminders to help them remember.  For example, sometimes a simple reminder phone call is all that is needed for a person in the early stage to remember an event.

Here are some tips and tools in ThisCaringHome.org website that can help you deal with the everyday challenges of early-stage. Caregiving isn’t easy. We know, we are caregivers too.

Click here to visit This Caring Home to learn more about dementia, including short informative videos from experts in the field

Click here to visit the early-stage caregiving section at the Alzheimer’s Association website, where you can also learn about financial planning for the future and about support groups in your area, for both you and the person in your care.