We’ve arranged information in the caring blog on the middle-stage of Alzheimer’s disease in a way we hope you’ll find easy to use.  Below we discuss the middle -tage in a general way, with links to tips and tools in This Caring Home and to other organizations. On the right, you’ll find the Blog Categories list for blogs on specific issues.

Mid-Stage Symptoms

The course of Alzheimer’s disease is not the same for every person, but symptoms seem to develop over the same general stages. Not everyone will experience the same symptoms or progress at the same rate during these stages, but knowing the general signs can help you better plan for the challenges ahead.

Symptoms may include:

• Increased memory loss and confusion

• Inability to carry out activities that involve multiple steps in sequence, such as dressing, making a pot of coffee, or setting the table

• Inappropriate outbursts of anger

• Problems recognizing friends and family members

• Difficulty with language and problems with reading, writing, and working with numbers

• Inability to learn new things or to cope with new or unexpected situations

• Restlessness, agitation, anxiety, tearfulness, wandering—especially in the late afternoon

• Repetitive statements or movement

• Hallucinations, delusions, and suspiciousness

Here are some tips and tools in ThisCaringHome website that can help you deal with the everyday challenges of the mid-stage. Caregiving isn’t easy. We know, we’re caregivers too.

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