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It can be difficult at times being a caregiver to a person with dementia. Without help from those who’ve been there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. As the disease progresses, the person loses skills and abilities that were once natural, requiring more help from you. In ThisCaringHome, we’ll share with you practical tips and strategies that have worked for other caregivers in similar special situations. And you’ll get professional advice from our knowledgeable Advisory Board Members. We know it’s not easy, we’re caregivers too.

Here is a Preview of Topics Covered in ThisCaringHome:

Smart Home Features

Falls and Mobility: Positive Things You Can Do

Medication Management

Stove Safety

Agitation and Environmental Misperceptions

Clutter, Hoarding, And Rummaging

7 Steps to Better Bathing

10 Simple Activities

Introducing In-Home Care When Your Loved One Says No